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Submitted on
January 16, 2007


40 (who?)
First i'd like to thank you all so much for all the great suggestions you've made.
Ya need to know that i got many many work! I was flooded... lol;-)
I really hope that you'll like the selection i've made, of course i've missed many many deviants!
But i wanted to show as well wellknown artists as unknown, putting in the same level, because they simply deserve it!
So, please, do not hesitate to click on the thumbs that catch your eye, and give them all support!

[Please go to my journal to see this feature with a template, that will bring more visual beauties, lol;-)]

Thanx for everything, and please all continue creating, watching and enchanting us!!!!
See ya!!!


For each kind of gallery (category) I spotlight a deviation, the author will get one personalized journal template with one piece of his/her

own art (if he/she is a subscriber...). Note please that i'll do not make the menu!
I'm spotlighting a creation that had NOT recieved a Daily Deviation & when i'd too many choices (for the photomanip & photo galleries) i've made a

first selection and then spotlighted those who had less views. Like that it's more honest.


This selection became wide and wide...
There are so many wonderful photographers over there!
Looking at the selections i've made you'll easily see that i'm fond of kitties, close-ups, nature (IR) and perspectate...

. Spotlighted Deviations .

Not Within Arms Length by aPerfectPsycho :thumb41920994: Gaia by peachyyy :thumb46674236: plants of aliens by bwosh aquamarine purity by bloodcreations :thumb33666204: New Skin by frapuccino

Congrats! I'll contact you for your journal customization! Use it if you want, no prob!

:thumb32005442: Bauges: green by roazhen Norma o2 by junkster78 white kittyness by suzi9mm Gentle by Annie-Bertram :thumb36210564: Newton's Apple by duhcoolies princess by aeravi Destiny by xAccipiterx :thumb27136690: :thumb35951847: White Rabbit by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me :thumb28472866: :thumb31851431: New straws by lasvedesina I heart white by anarchy-deed blueberries by emochick91 Apple iPod by TheDarb Wave by hariskalin Orange Ya Happy by unereveur too much pain II by JoannaRzeznikowska other side by eHSiiCa Frozen shore by Bavenmark Hands Of A Woman by evilglamour touch me by devilicious Drops by nizedude :thumb31656654: the daily news by amour-etranger Surreal waves... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria :thumb36943426: Passage Pommeraye by ayrtonob Beyond The Dock by PaganJava Living Dream I by pirifool Shut It Out by arachnid15 The bloom and the bud by barninga 6 by JeanFrancois Liquid Wings by Solkku :thumb29788306: :thumb34995913: De la douleur d'etre inutile by NieblaYLuz Etude - Dendrogram 2 by ashveenp Pomme d'amour by Spangles-Of-Dream The Fawn IV by so-vicious Fresh Apple by NunoPires Skyeee by Gaishe Dreamy daisies by Deea-Dee Desperation by Tachy-on Living in July 03 by frescendine New Skin by frapuccino :thumb33685288: :thumb38768760: Dandelion dreams II by m0nni reds and yellows by cascadilla :thumb39241263: plants of aliens by bwosh Serenity's Path by anodyne1 Door Marked Private by FadingBlack :thumb31951891: Colour and Contrast by JessDismont Empiricism by aeyeduh Printemps by fleacartasi :thumb38958221: Keep the doctor Away III by DaffodilLament White Flower IV by jump-4-joy :thumb35647650: I'm Close to the Edge by BlindWorld :thumb39472441: Horizon in  blue by Shikaz :thumb39789114: Summer 1 by salviphoto colorful palouse by aeravi :thumb41120821: :thumb34168845: Almost Ice Age by brumie Freeland by aimeelikestotakepics rice by mesondecay The Lost World by ageofloss :thumb42655935: aquamarine purity by bloodcreations Lake Ann 6: The Couple 2 by barnavkristus :thumb42325727: Waste not, want not by PeaceOut :thumb36028845: Shopping Carts by Kusou in the wheat by patstome Finlandia by Bavenmark :thumb33666204: :thumb41602818: :thumb40121695: :: Eden Tree :: by yardieLion Beyond The Pale by Lacertilienne Arabian Dancer by rafaelmesa :thumb37402212: Path by isotopez :thumb41450822: Not Within Arms Length by aPerfectPsycho getting old. by Bolognist Retro by hot-olive :thumb44558475: seep.. by ssecret Razor 4 by xvitruvianx Thoughts by gnusi Butterfly Magic by iamgoatman Displaced by larafairie Nothing by creativegrafix On The Surface by pirifool :thumb41920994: Gaia by peachyyy Bandage by DaffodilLament La Mer de Glace by barninga Nautilus by hariskalin Roll by SaltEsc Study for still life by ashveenp :thumb43703489: :thumb43963449: Haunted by graffd02 Elisabeth 3 by mickymodo :thumb43929047: uni-verse. by blackmarker :: Jewel :: by Liek Lucky Hand by hosmer23 :thumb36642098: Tears of pain by vladxc :thumb33312474: :thumb32687355: :thumb46674236: :thumb40162205: :thumb45134735: Portray Me Forever by julium
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jfarchaul Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
they all great... thanks for sharing.. :wave:
Pink-Pony Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
great selections!
soleil-vert Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks dear.
A lot of work to put a lot of peoples in light.

fleacartasi Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007
Wow, thanks a lot for featuring one of my deviations! :glomp:

And you made a beautiful selection :aww:
pixelzeesh Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007
awsom collection
SheTakesPics Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007
Thank you for the feature, I am honored to have been included among such amazing talent :hug:
karemelancholia Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007
You are very welcome!!!
Don't forget to view also the 2 next features : Photomanip AND Digital art + traditional.
One will be sent before the end of the week, probably tomorrow, not to flooded you all, lol-)
Future-Art-Magazine Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007
:w00t: Great idea to make them a feature too :love:
Stunning selection!
karemelancholia Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007
Glad you liked them, many works, but i'm happy with it!!!
Don't forget to view also the 2 next features : Photomanip AND Digital art + traditional.
One will be sent before the end of the week, probably tomorrow, not to flooded you all, lol-)
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